Am I Allowed to Have an Opinion?

Sometimes no matter what you choose, you’re wrong!

Here’s something interesting I came across online. We have seen debates and discussions getting ugly. In fact, there would be times when you’d question the human integrity and intelligence. So the question is – are we allowed to even have an opinion?

The following excerpt is part of the post “15 Truths about Opinions” originally contributed by Katie Hoffman and featured at @huffpost.

“Sharing your opinion” doesn’t translate to “putting someone in a headlock until he or she agrees with you.” Being passionate about your views is admirable, but you should never expect anyone to abandon his or her own thoughts in favour of yours.

Defending your beliefs doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re “weak,” it means that they’re important to you and that you care enough about discussing them that you want to clarify any misconceptions and help others understand them (regardless of whether those others ultimately agree with you).

The weakest arguments you could make against someone’s opinion are to say it doesn’t matter or that no one asked for it. All opinions matter.

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