When People Belittle Your Dreams

It is impossible to function when there are people in your life who belittle you to make themselves feel better. At some point in our lives, we all receive negative comments and demeaning remarks. People who bring us down exist everywhere. Some hurt us intentionally and others don’t realise if they’re doing something wrong.

There are people who actually take pride in belittling others to feel good about themselves. A happy, positive and confident person would never put someone down. In fact, they’ll try to make you feel the same way they do.

Negative personalities only bring you down to make themselves look larger or feel better. According to them, the only way to feel like a winner is to make others feel worse than they do. For them, belittling others and pulling them down is a defence mechanism.

What is the Best Way to React to Taunts?

Remember when someone is pulling you down, it’s all about them. Their goal is to trap you and pull out a reaction.

People will disrespect you, lie to you, use you, and break your heart, but no one will ever hurt you more than you hurt yourself, by replaying those transgressions in your mind forever … Bryant McGill

The best thing to do in such a scenario is to avoid all contact. The second best thing you can do is not give them a response they want. Don’t plan into their plan. Interestingly, a lack of response can throw the offender off. They might just end the conversation right away.

Release the Words

Strong Sensitive Souls share some wonderful ideas to recover self esteem. Here’s an excerpt.

Words are powerful. They can reflect both the beauty of the world and the ugliness. When people don’t respect the power of words, they use them irresponsibly. Don’t allow this irresponsible dialogue to steal your self-worth.

If the words you heard were very painful, talk them through with someone you trust. Someone who believes in you and can give you the comfort you need. Let your guard down and reveal how the words made you feel. This vulnerability will open yourself up to receiving the love and healing you need.

Process your emotions. Ask for help if you need it. Put in the work and fight for your thoughts. Then release the words that were spoken so irresponsibly towards you. They don’t serve you and they aren’t your truth.

Always remember, the only power belittling words have over you, is the power you give them.  

How do you respond to negative comments? Feel free to share your thoughts here.


What Being Strong Means to Me

Never apologize for being a powerful woman.

There are a lot of misconceptions about strong women. People believe they’re inevitably bitter, they hate men, and that’s just not attractive. Well, being strong means I can stand up for myself. That I am an adult who can think clearly, can do things for herself, and most importantly, function independently.

I also have opinions and beliefs which may be drastically different from what society expects us to have, and I refuse to settle for less. But this doesn’t mean I shove my beliefs and opinions down other people’s throats or judge them for how they think. I am not bitter or arrogant. But in all reality, it’s the complete opposite. It’s just that I am confident in who I am.

Do not mistake independence and strength with arrogance. A woman who is strong and confident will be brutally honest with herself. We know what areas in our life need improvement, and where we must draw the line. 

Being strong doesn’t mean I don’t need help. I acknowledge that I’m not a superwoman and asking other people for help won’t make me weak either. A strong woman is willing to gain strength from supportive friends, family members, and mentors – despite the notion that strong women should do it all alone. I wonder why the world sees us as a threat. Why are we labelled as ‘too much,’ ‘too intimidating,’ ‘too miserable,’ ‘too rude,’ or too ‘bitter?’  We are none of those things! 

Strong women are women with backbones. We aren’t afraid to put ourselves out in a world that might not support us. We know our strengths, our weaknesses, and our passion. Only if people stick around long enough, they’ll get a taste of what having a strong woman by their side means.

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