Is Crying a Good Thing?

Crying is a healthy response to sadness and frustration.

When you cry, you’re meeting your emotions head-on. You are looking at them directly, allowing them to overwhelm you for a time, and then letting them go after your crying has run its course. Crying does not mean that you can’t handle your life—on the contrary, it indicates a deeper capability for handling life, because you’re not prone to counterproductive escapism.

Instead, you hold your ground and experience your true responses to life situations, regardless of whether they’re painful. And if holding your ground in this way does involve crying, you know that this is letting your body get rid of excess negative energy and making room for rejuvenating. This approach is nothing to feel ashamed of or to apologize for.

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I Know When To Draw The Line

It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand.

Society’s views are finally changing, little by little. The world has recently started to understand the true strength of women. Yet, so many of us feel powerless. Or we don’t get the power we deserve.

We (women) sometimes put ourselves through unnecessary suffering when we have unreasonable ‘personal’ expectations. Forget others, we constantly keep ourselves under a microscope.

Like many little girls, I was bombarded with a long list of expectations. For years I believed that girls have to be nice, they must be gracious. Oh, and can we help you with anything else?
All I heard was “boys will be boys and men will be men.” But girls? What about women?

Because I’m a woman, people expect me to always be accommodating. I am supposed to behave nicely, and always go out of my way to please others. More importantly, I always have to say yes even when I don’t want to because a woman is one who’s always fitting her schedule. No, our priorities and ambitions don’t matter.

The funny bit is that people don’t expect you to have a voice or complain about something. I can’t have limits and I can’t say when I’ve had enough. They don’t think you’re capable of setting boundaries. I must behave like a puppet and always nod and agree with everything this society says.

And the worst part, putting yourself first is a crime. You’ll be called selfish, mean and that’s just so out of a good woman’s character because she puts herself last. Even if I’m broken on the inside, I should smile from ear to ear. Yes, I’m not allowed to ever change that.

It’s like everyone can set boundaries except women. Why do we always have to forgive, forget and move on? Why can’t I call people out or cut toxic people from my life? Why should I always give someone a second chance when I am fully capable of standing up for myself?

It’s sad that our society expects women to always be the bigger person, the nicest person, the forgiving person, the person who’d gladly become a doormat. Unfortunately for some, that’s about to change soon.

Yes, there was a time when I desperately wanted to fit in with the wrong crowd, fulfill someone’s ridiculous expectations which resulted in me becoming something that was not me at all.

Now, I know my worth. More importantly, I know the best time to be nice and when it is the right time to draw the line.

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This Is Why You Only Need To Live For Yourself And No One Else

In this day and age, where social media has taken over the world, it’s almost natural for most people to feel the need to conform. To follow the same path of life as your colleagues. To like the same things they do. To think the way everybody tells you to think.

I have fallen victim to this myself, I must admit. And I did it without even knowing. Subconsciously, I started adjusting my life to the norm, even though there’s no such thing.
I have sadly learned the hard way that if you don’t take a step back and live solely for yourself right now, then you might not get the chance to. I love to help people and make others happy but I have finally realized that I am in a season of life that should be solely about myself.

We all have a different set of values. We all want different things. We all look different. Therefore, there’s no way for us to follow the same life advice. It would be ridiculous to assume that what works for your first cousin or next-door neighbor works for you.

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t look at other people’s lives and wonder why mine is not going as well as theirs. It’s so easy to compare myself to my friends and even strangers, filling myself up with shame and contemplating whether my life is a pile of disappointments. I’m trying to get to a place where I’m so focused on living my life and moving forward that I don’t pay attention to others and how far they’ve come. I’m working on it, and I must say it’s been freeing and rewarding so far.

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Never Give Up

Successful people are those who never give up.

I see people all of the time become victims of life challenges. When life gets tough or depressing, they adopt a negative perspective and think to themselves about how unfair life is and how things should have happened differently.

Well, the truth of the matter is that life is going to happen – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The one true thing that you will always have 100% control over is your response to these events. When you adopt a positive attitude and always look for the good in any given circumstance – how could you not move forward?

Remember, you must never give up and success will be yours.

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Keeping Good Company

Surround yourself with good and positive vibes.

Certain people radiate positive energy and others negative energy. This energy is a combination of a person’s mindset, their dominant thoughts, and beliefs and can be easily felt. Positive people are loving, happy, compassionate, kind and supportive. Negative people are judgmental, always complaining and like to put others down. It’s not surprising to feel uncomfortable, unhappy and tense around them.

If you have a gut feeling about a person, follow it. That’s your body’s way to communicate with you, so pay attention to those warning signals. Always go with the gut feeling that feels GOOD. Similarly, listen deeply to the one that feels bad.

Of course, some people are simply awful to deal with. However, you can choose not to let their negativity influence you. Remember that you are influenced by the energy of others. But you have the power to set healthy limits and boundaries. No one can make you feel angry, sad, or worthless without your consent.

Don’t forget to set clear limits and boundaries with negative people and cut them off when they become overly critical or mean. Support your mental and physical health by nurturing positive thoughts and emotions. Focus on positive outcomes based on love and happiness. Whenever you find yourself surrounded by people you don’t like, create an emotional barrier. The sooner you do this, the happier you will be.

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