I Know When To Draw The Line

It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand.

Society’s views are finally changing, little by little. The world has recently started to understand the true strength of women. Yet, so many of us feel powerless. Or we don’t get the power we deserve.

We (women) sometimes put ourselves through unnecessary suffering when we have unreasonable ‘personal’ expectations. Forget others, we constantly keep ourselves under a microscope.

Like many little girls, I was bombarded with a long list of expectations. For years I believed that girls have to be nice, they must be gracious. Oh, and can we help you with anything else?
All I heard was “boys will be boys and men will be men.” But girls? What about women?

Because I’m a woman, people expect me to always be accommodating. I am supposed to behave nicely, and always go out of my way to please others. More importantly, I always have to say yes even when I don’t want to because a woman is one who’s always fitting her schedule. No, our priorities and ambitions don’t matter.

The funny bit is that people don’t expect you to have a voice or complain about something. I can’t have limits and I can’t say when I’ve had enough. They don’t think you’re capable of setting boundaries. I must behave like a puppet and always nod and agree with everything this society says.

And the worst part, putting yourself first is a crime. You’ll be called selfish, mean and that’s just so out of a good woman’s character because she puts herself last. Even if I’m broken on the inside, I should smile from ear to ear. Yes, I’m not allowed to ever change that.

It’s like everyone can set boundaries except women. Why do we always have to forgive, forget and move on? Why can’t I call people out or cut toxic people from my life? Why should I always give someone a second chance when I am fully capable of standing up for myself?

It’s sad that our society expects women to always be the bigger person, the nicest person, the forgiving person, the person who’d gladly become a doormat. Unfortunately for some, that’s about to change soon.

Yes, there was a time when I desperately wanted to fit in with the wrong crowd, fulfill someone’s ridiculous expectations which resulted in me becoming something that was not me at all.

Now, I know my worth. More importantly, I know the best time to be nice and when it is the right time to draw the line.

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This Is Why You Only Need To Live For Yourself And No One Else

In this day and age, where social media has taken over the world, it’s almost natural for most people to feel the need to conform. To follow the same path of life as your colleagues. To like the same things they do. To think the way everybody tells you to think.

I have fallen victim to this myself, I must admit. And I did it without even knowing. Subconsciously, I started adjusting my life to the norm, even though there’s no such thing.
I have sadly learned the hard way that if you don’t take a step back and live solely for yourself right now, then you might not get the chance to. I love to help people and make others happy but I have finally realized that I am in a season of life that should be solely about myself.

We all have a different set of values. We all want different things. We all look different. Therefore, there’s no way for us to follow the same life advice. It would be ridiculous to assume that what works for your first cousin or next-door neighbor works for you.

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t look at other people’s lives and wonder why mine is not going as well as theirs. It’s so easy to compare myself to my friends and even strangers, filling myself up with shame and contemplating whether my life is a pile of disappointments. I’m trying to get to a place where I’m so focused on living my life and moving forward that I don’t pay attention to others and how far they’ve come. I’m working on it, and I must say it’s been freeing and rewarding so far.

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Opinions and Tolerance.

It is okay to have different opinions.

Sometimes a difference in #opinions leads to borderline #onlinebullying.

Calling someone a #worthless person or demeaning them just because you have a different opinion is rude. Don’t put someone down just because you disagree. The other person is allowed to have an opinion and so are you.
When you take the time to listen to someone’s opinion, you will be introduced to a completely different point of view. Even if you don’t agree at first, you will see things from a #differentperspective. This will eventually open your mind to new ideas.

Also, remember that your opinion is just an opinion. It is not a fact. You’re not always right or wrong. Your opinions are based on your experiences and your belief systems.
Last, if everyone had the same opinion, this world will be a boring place. Let’s engage in a thoughtful, respectable debate. Don’t hate on someone else and call it #freedomofspeech.

Dealing with distinctly different views and opinions while still keeping your cool is the mark of a good human being.

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Am I Allowed to Have an Opinion?

Sometimes no matter what you choose, you’re wrong!

Here’s something interesting I came across online. We have seen debates and discussions getting ugly. In fact, there would be times when you’d question the human integrity and intelligence. So the question is – are we allowed to even have an opinion?

The following excerpt is part of the post “15 Truths about Opinions” originally contributed by Katie Hoffman and featured at @huffpost.

“Sharing your opinion” doesn’t translate to “putting someone in a headlock until he or she agrees with you.” Being passionate about your views is admirable, but you should never expect anyone to abandon his or her own thoughts in favour of yours.

Defending your beliefs doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re “weak,” it means that they’re important to you and that you care enough about discussing them that you want to clarify any misconceptions and help others understand them (regardless of whether those others ultimately agree with you).

The weakest arguments you could make against someone’s opinion are to say it doesn’t matter or that no one asked for it. All opinions matter.

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Office Bathroom Etiquette 101 – A Refresher Course

This is needed because bathroom horror can scar you for life.

There are few things worse than taking a visit to an office bathroom only to find stained yellow droplets on the toilet seat or … an unflushed toilet – smelly poop that could knock you over. Sometimes there’s no soap or running water. Perhaps the only thing worse than that is experiencing the same thing every other day! If you happen to take an emergency visit to the office bathroom and feel like you’ve entered a septic tank, well, you’re not alone.

What most ‘adults’ fail to understand is that their bathroom habits define what kind of a person they are. Apparently many professionals today have forgotten the basics. Yes, Bathroom Etiquette 101 is really a thing. Just because you have a deadline to meet, doesn’t mean you cannot leave the bathroom in the same condition as it was before you came in.

So people, here are some basic Bathroom Etiquette.

  1. The office bathroom is a communal area which means you will share it with other employees. So always be respectful and clean up your mess. Pick up your deodorants and other personal items after using them.
  2. If you spit on the sink, rinse down the remains. The last thing others want to see is your spit hardened into a glue-like substance.
  3. Pee pee left in the toilet stinks after a while so just flush! Period. And additionally, if it’s brown flush it down twice!
  4. If you pee on the toilet seat, wipe it up instead of just leaving it there for the next person. Simple, right?
  5. Don’t leave poop floating – yes, it is gross. Please use the flush after washing your arse. We don’t want to see your business.
  6. Have an upset stomach? You can always use air fresheners after you are done.
  7. Go inside the toilet, do your business and get out immediately. Playing Candy Crush or reading your favorite book for an hour sitting on the toilet seat while others wait is just rude.
  8. If you use the last bit of toilet paper, throw the empty carton in the trash and place a new roll. It doesn’t take long – trust me!
  9. Always close the door. It’s never a good idea to let people see your jewels.
  10. Ladies, wrap up your feminine hygiene products before throwing them in the trash can.

You would think that most of this stuff is a no-brainer. But many people forget this. Let’s follow this common etiquette not just in office washrooms, but at home as well.

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