The Secret to Happiness

We can all improve our happiness by making changes in the way we think and act. These 7 steps can sprinkle happiness into your life and the lives of others.

Positivity and happiness aren’t magical powers or something special that cannot be attained by every person. You have the power to make decisions – the decision to take control and steer your life in a positive direction despite all the troubles that come your way.

If you are trying to adopt a happier, more positive life, you must ignore all the negativity. But it is easier said than done. You will feel angry, frustrated, sad, lonely, low, bored and even hopeless at some point. But it is scary to allow such negative feelings and thoughts take control of your life.

So how can you be happy on a daily basis?

  1. Tap your Optimistic Side

An optimistic mindset can help you tackle life’s challenges with ease. It can broaden your attention and thinking to enable you to make better decisions. Being optimistic also leads to a better well-being. Stop comparing yourself to others and dwelling on your flaws.

Be Optimistic, It feels Better.
  1. Celebrate Your Smallest Achievements

There are moments of joy and laughter around us, but we are often too preoccupied to give them attention. Remember, there’s power in celebrating little moments. After all, life’s too short not to celebrate small moments.

Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small.
  1. Get Rid Of Toxic People

It’s no surprise that emotions are contagious. The more you’re around negative people and negative emotions, the more likely you are to reflect that attitude. Having a positive support system is crucial to an optimistic outlook and a happy life. You’d be amazed by how much a good support group can help you achieve.


  1. Let Go Of Grudges.

I’m still trying to master the art of forgiveness. I have realized that holding onto resentment, grudges, and other negative emotions will repel positive emotions. Free yourself from negativity so you have enough space for happiness to fill in.


5. Be Grateful For What You Have.

Stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Instead, be thankful for what you have today. Doing so has been linked to happier moods.


6. Regard Your Problems As Challenges.

Eliminate the word “impossible” from your mind entirely. If you have a problem, view it as a challenge that will change your life for the better.


7. Dare to Dream

Don’t limit yourself. Go ahead and dream big. Remember, you have the power to achieve practically anything and everything you desire.


Stop Making Excuses!

It’s easy to blame the other person for your problems, but doing so won’t do you any good. Take responsibility for your actions. More importantly, use failure as an opportunity to change for the better.


All of us have stress, loss, failure or trauma in our lives. We can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose our own attitude to what happens. Let’s be realistic about life’s ups and downs and focus on the good things. More importantly, let’s keep moving!

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Author: Thinking Thirty

A firm believer in positive thinking | Breaking the stigma against single women | Giving up & giving in isn’t an option | It’s never too late to make a change

One thought on “The Secret to Happiness”

  1. U knw what.. To be is very easy.. If u r down, just put dark lipstick (ladies) u will feel instantly happy.. Crux is look after ur self.. U will feel better.

    And love ur suggestion, nice and simple


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